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Creativity scares

Welcome to my blog. Here we will share knowledge and points of view. Design is often "subjective" so it is essential to communicate and interact.

"Is creativity a peculiar characteristic? It scares; goes crazy; it is subversive; it distrusts what it hears; it defies doubt....."


The path of creativity is not associated with a formula. It is not something true and defined. Nor is it something magical and hidden. Something that is only revealed to some mortals. Every creative process arises from a need. It's an answer. Creativity is common to all beings. In some cases it is instinctive. In others it develops methodologically. There are as many methods as there are people. Everyone can respond to personal characteristics or specific situations.

There is a beautiful phrase that deals with:

"Inspiration is only for mediocre people"

This is simply to say that a result, product, design, is achieved through work, effort and methodology. But who can deny that many times "inspiration" can help. Free associations. Looking. Asking everything. Researching and making many mistakes and relying on our knowledge as designers undoubtedly gives us a plus when it comes to "creating". There is nothing more challenging than the blank page. Think differently and see everything as the first time. Not accepting anything for the simple fact that it exists, works or that "it was always done like this."

Divergent minds suffer in order to build new realities. Western terms such as: "green dogs", or how a Russian friend explains to myself "white crows", are the engine of disruption. The break of the pre-established.

They never wondered why children are so creative? Simple. They have everything to "unlearn." For a child a tree can be red. The green sky and feeling that everything has a different meaning from the established one. And that is undoubtedly the strength of creativity. Find another meaning. Another solution or path. Something that we all looked at but didn't "s see." And this difference is substantial: "looking does not mean seeing." To see is to discover. Understand the essence. It's like Neo in Matrix when he finally discovers the code and understands that anything is possible.

In conclusion, I would like to quote a phrase that I have a friend:

"Experience helps us not to make mistakes and making mistakes leads us to experience."

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